Descendants of Archibald Blackwood

This database is designed more for use on your own computer, so finding your way around it on the web is a little tricky. However, there is a wealth of information in it, so it's worth exploring. You can start by clicking here.

If you'd like to download the whole database and explore it on your own computer, click the Download GEDCOM file link below, and get the software (it's free) from Personal Ancestral File .

Online, you'll need to use the 'Back' button on your browser (usually top left of your screen) to return to this page or any prior page when you're deep into it.

Otherwise, the list starts at Archibald and works its way towards the most recent additions to the family. Click on any of the underlined blue links to go to notes or photographs (scrapbook) of any individual.

Be sure to SCROLL down the page to read more or to see more photographs. Unfortunately, we can't control the size of the photos, which is why I've created the photo gallery (reached through the site's home page, which is probably still open behind this one).

To get an overview of where you (or anybody) fits into the family tree, check the chart on the Family Tree page (again, reached through the home page).

To find yourself quickly in this database, click either the 'Names' or 'Surnames' link on this page.

This database is as complete as I could make it - but it's 20 years behind the times and there are gaps and inaccuracies ... SO ... please consider it your duty and honour to correct and add wherever you can. Send details or questions to me, preferably by email.


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